We Understand

If you’re a Property Owner with a property you are looking to sell or rent we understand you want to find a buyer or tenant as quickly as possible and at the best possible market price. Not only that …

If you’re selling you want a serious buyer, not a time waster who may drop out at the last minute causing you to lose valuable time and money! If the property is for rental then in addition you also want a good tenant who will not cause any problems, create unnecessary issues or be late in the rental payments.

We understand and are committed to helping you achieve your objectives by offering a quality service that meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

Consulting & Advice

Prior to putting your property on the market we can advise you on the current market rates for similar properties and how soon you can expect to find a buyer/tenant for the price being offered. In addition, if requested, we can help you prepare and present the property details in the most favorable light so as to attract and interest property-seekers.

Advertising & Promotion

We will advertise your property not only on our website but at various property media sites that attract tens of thousands of visitors daily, both Thai and foreigners. We highlight your property to give it more visibility and get more attention. All suitable property-seekers on file with us, who are looking for a property just like yours, can be notified that a new property has come onto the market that should interest them.

Enquiry Handling

We handle all enquiries that come in response to our various marketing activities giving additional property details, answering questions, highlighting the positives  and encouraging greater interest. Note: for this reason it’s important for us to have all relevant details upfront so as to eliminate the need to bother you later for additional information.

Property Viewings

We will encourage serious potential buyers or tenants to view your property as soon as possible and convenient so as to give us a face-to-face opportunity to “sell” your property and address any concerns the property-seeker may have. We make all arrangements for the viewing with one of our experienced agents conducting viewing.

Follow Up & Reporting

Where appropriate or necessary, we follow up viewings to convert interest into a firm decision and commitment to accept your offer. And we can give you a feedback on the comments and results from the viewing.

Contracts & Legalities

We advise & assist both parties in the formalities involved in signing contracts, making payments and registering ownership in cases of sales.

Property Management

In cases of rentals, we offer an ongoing Property Management service acting as your agents in collecting rents, managing the property and resolving any issues that may arise in the course of the rental period. And should the tenant decide not to extend the rental agreement we find a new tenant so as to ensure the property does not become vacant.

Agency Fees

There are no agency fees involved unless a purchase or rental contact and all aspects of the process, including payments, have been completed. This, In effect, means you have nothing to lose by letting us market your property.

What Next

If you would like us to market your property please contact us.